Alternative investment could be one of the main drivers to get nice returns in this complicated world. At least, 10-20% of our wealth should be invested in non-directional bets, just to hedge risks.

Years ago, we developed a system to screen opportunities in stocks in different markets. We called it C51. And, successfully, we keep on using it. Each selected stock has a risk value associated, so we could order them from a risk point of view. C51 has its twin brother for bearish options. So, our SimplePairs fund works choosing a group of bullish stocks and a group of bearish stocks. Somehow, they hedge each other, but thanks to the right selection we get some profit, which could be increased by some minor leverage. Besides, we may add other automatic systems to trade currencies and indexes in a non-directional way.

Most market makers permit a high degree of leverage, but also require you to have a certain amount of money in your account to protect against a critical loss.

SimplePairs tries to avoid overtrading to keep commissions low. Surveillance is only made once a week on weekends. Market conditions change rapidly and competition among participants for available liquidity is intense. However, we will try to identify good trading opportunities, so that we can have a favorable chance.

Professional alternative investment, hedge-fund typed, in your hands. Our immaculate track record has shown a great stability and steady profits.

You trade at your own risk. All investors are advised to follow their own independent research before making a purchase decision. Past market performance is no guarantee of future appreciation. We are not responsible for any mistake, lack of update, or technical problem, we could suffer.